Admin Login Page Finder [FIND HIM]

FindHim - Version 2.1 (The Admin Finder)
Coded By: Subir Sutradhar
OS: Windows/Linux

Download Link : Click Here
GUI Version For Windows : Click Here
For Linux : Click Here

Download Link : Click Here
GUI Version For Windows : Click Here
For Linux : Click Here

Usage Demo Video :


Helps To Find Out the Admin Login Page Of A Given Website

__Change Log__:
Added Guessing Scheme, To Give Info About Website Source Code Scheme And Directory Paths which can be used with "SET URI <directory>" if needed


1. You Need To Set The Target First, Ex: set target
2. If You Want The Tool To Search From A Specific Directory, You Have To Set It
   Ex: set uri test (In Most Cases You Would Not Need This)
3. If You Want To Set A Specific Time Out, Set it (Default Set To 5.0)
   Ex: set timeout 1.0 (Lower Than Default Might Result In Connection Timed Out)
   In Most Cases You Will Not Need It
4. You Need To Set A Scheme, like php, asp, cgi,  etc. (Default is Set To html)
   Ex: set scheme php
5. To Check The Options set; show options
6. To Start The Find Him Engine: find
7. Ctrl+C To Abort Finding; To Exit The Tool: quit
8. To Set A Custom Admin Paths: set paths usercustom.txt
   (Check The usercustom.txt in the folder for format)
9. To Get the Help Option: help
10. To Guess the Scheme: guess scheme

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Download Link: Click Here

Download Link : Click Here

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  1. Hey Subir you know what.. you rock! version 2.0 is just awesome..

  2. can you give me tutorial, how to use it. any command that can be used

    1. Please check the demo video link to know the commands, alternatively you can also use the Graphical version for Windows, link is given above in the post. :)