Wi-Fi Hacking: Deauthentication Attack

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So this post is about deauthentication attack.
So we can do a deauthentication attack without connecting to a target network.

How It works:-

So in this process aireplay-ng sends deauthenticate packets to both AP(Access Point or router) and client which is connected to it.
It sends spoof packets to AP and also some packets to client when AP acknowledges a packets which says that the target client is not authenticated to the AP. 
In other words attackers sends some deauth packets to the AP pretending to be the client and in the same time attackers send deauth packets to the client pretending to be the router saying that you need to authenticate again.

How We can do this attack:-

So we need aircrack suite to carry out this attack. lets start

  1. First of all you should have to a wireless card in monitor mode to enable this type
    airmon-ng start [Your wifi card name] and press enter it will enable a wireless card in monitor mode.
  2. Now scan all networks by typing
    airodump-ng [Your wireless card in monitor mode]
I have censored some information. after scanning network choose the AP on which you want to deauth a client. 

4. Now to deauthenicate a specific client first of all look how many clients are associated to that network to do this simply type
airodump-ng --channel [no] --bssid [mac of target network] [wifi card in monitor mode] and press enter

it will give a output like this 

5. Now to deauthenticate the client use this command
aireplay-ng --deauth [no of packets you want to send] -a [AP's MAC address] -c [client Mac address] [wifi card in monitor mode]
 if you want to deauthenticate the client for a long time you can set a large value of [no of packets] like 10000 etc.

So after this the client will be not be able to authenticate to the target network.

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