Accessing an AP Which have a MAC filter enabled

So in the previous post I was talking about what is MAC address and I explained how to find your MAC address etc.
Now there are certain Wi-Fi networks which uses MAC filter to give access to their clients. 
MAC filter consist a whitelist of a MAC addresses. So a user can connect to that network only when his MAC address exists in that whitelist.

So let suppose if you know the password of a network(Access Point) but they have MAC filter enabled they you will not be able to connect to that network.

So in this post we will bypass the MAC filter of a router to get access to that network.

So we will first of all check the devices connected to a AP then we will change our MAC address and since we know the password we can connect to that network.

Tools we are going to use in this 

  1.  aircrack-ng suite 
  2. MAC changer
lets start 

1. First of all we need to enable our network card in monitor mode so we can able to caputre all the packets. our card is managed mode in default so we have to enable managed mode.
my network card name is wlan0.
open terminal in kali and give this command

airmon-ng start wlan0

it will start a network card in monitor mode and it will be mon0

2. Now we can monitor all the networks in our wifi card range so to monitor all the network give this command 

airodump-ng mon0

Now here bssid is the MAC address of the network 
ch = channel
PWR = our distance
Data= Data packets transferred
ENC= Encryption used

3. so now to monitor all the devies connected to the network open terminal and type 

airodump-ng --bssid <Mac address of network> --channel <channel> wifi _card_in_Monitor_mode

Now if will show you all the connected devices MAC address under the station field 
copy any of them.

Now give this command to change your MAC address to a MAC which is whitelist (copied in step 3) 
ifconfig wlan0 down
macchanger --mac <MAC copied in step 3>
ifconfig wlan0 up

Now enter the password and you will be successfully able to connect to the network which has mac filter enabled.

Note: To restore the permanent mac address again type >>macchanger -p

Hope this helped 

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Jitendra K Singh(Team Computer Korner)

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