Exploring Android:De-compiling An Android APK

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So in last post we have talked about what is an Android APK.
So in this post we will talk about how to decompile an Android APK.
So in order to decompile an Android APK there are two tool which we will use

1. Dex2jar: this is used to convert the android app in JAR format you can download it from here.
2. JD-GUI:This is used to display the source code of .class file.
you can download it from here
So lets start

  • Download the both the tools from the given link and extract dex2jar in a folder.
  • Now there will be several file in the Dex2Jar folder two files are important dex2jar.bat this is used for windows and dex2jar.sh this is used for Linux based OS
  • Now copy the android apk in the dex2jar folder and open the command prompt in the same location.
  • Now in command prompt type 
dex2jar.bat  android_package_name 
and then press enter 

  • After this a new file will be created in the same folder with the extension .jar.
  • Now open the JD-GUI and click on open new file , then select the .jar file you created above.
  • Now you can able to see the source code of the APK.

This is a very simple thing you can do this easily but still if you need a video demonstration let me know I will upload a video for this.

Special thanks Gurpreet Singh

Jitendra Santram Singh (Team Computer Korner)

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