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Tool : Ck_pyShell Version 1.0
Release: Bug Testing
Coder: Subir Sutradhar
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Version Upgraded To 1.1
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A Multipurpose Tool For Pen-Testing Purpose Coded With Python. Uses Various User Agents To Fuzz The Requesting URL for All Purpose. Can Detect Proxy Settings and connect via Proxy Automatically If Any Found!

Any Windows Platform

1. SQL Injection Vulnerability Scanner
2. XSS Vulnerability Scanner
3. Hash Making and Cracking
4. Admin Login Page Finder
5. Port Scanner
6. LAN DoS Attacker
7. Ping Utility


For "Help" Type Help From The Main Prompt

1. cls - Clears The Screen
2. reset - Flush The Screen and reset
3. ping - To Ping an IP or URL
4. portscan - Launches PortScanner Utility
5. dos - Launches LAN DoS Attacker
6. findhim - Launches Admin Finder(Upgraded From the Last Release)
7. xss - Launches XSS Scanner Utility
8. sqlscan - Launches SQL Injection Scanner
9. ckhash - Launches Ck Hash Utility
10. ver - Check the Version

Download Link: Click Here

"Ck_pyShell Powered By Python"

Note: The Tool Has Been Coded For Security Analysts, And Will Be Developed More.

For Any illegal Usage Of This Tool, No One Is Held Responsible.

Be Efficient And Have Fun!

"Feel Free To Share, But Do Not Forget To Refer The Main Source"

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Version Upgraded To 1.1
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