The Best Selling InfoSec Author at Udemy Banned!

Highlights: Udemy Inc. Banned Sagar Bansal on June 28 2018,  due to Copyright Infringements for a course named CISSP MASTERCLASS. The Interesting Fact is that Udemy Team UnBanned him on July 3, 2018, saying that Your Account has been Unbanned but your CISSP Course will keep disabled until you provide us proper proofs. But Again Banned after 11 Days!

Who is Sagar Bansal and What's the Actual Story?

Sagar Bansal a.k.a. World's Highest Paid CISSP Mentor nowadays is the Creator of PSCP Exam, Founder of PHMC|SECURITIES and the Author of Practical Hacking MasterClass.
He is a Security Ninja, and Only do Consulting Work on Per Hour Session Charges which are quite high actually you can book him here if you want.

On Udemy he had 7+ Courses out of which 1 was Best Seller, and 4 Were Highest Rated Courses. He taught more than 20K Students from over 100+ Counties.

When His CISSP MasterClass came out, there were many claims on the material and especially additional material he offered to students.

After 7 days of the launch of his course, it became a Highest Rated CISSP Course on the Platform. Many Competitors were Jealous and Someone Filed a DMCA and Copyright Infringement Violation Case.

Sagar Tried hard to save his side and presented some proofs but even after winning once and getting unbanned on July 3 2018 


He got Banned Again on July 14 2018 and this time, he was not given any reason, his emails are not being replied, and no proof or evidence for banning him is being presented

Here is a Screenshot of His CISSP MasterClass After the Ban

and if you were a student in his courses earlier, you can still access them but there is no way to buy those course for new students.

luckily we got an account and we can see even after the ban, it is working in old accounts.
His Courses were even Selling UnderGround after the ban until he released which runs on a Teachable School and made his own school.

Now he is providing True Education by Giving Away his MasterClass Courses for almost Free, you can check the CISSP MasterClass at $1 on his website

Why $ 1? he says when he keeps it on 0 people waste time by enrolling in things they even don't know what they are enrolling in!

So What do you think of this incident...
How can a Mentor who teaches Information Security do such a big mistake of Copyright Infringement, and even if this was a mistake, why did Udemy Unbanned him, and then Banning again without any reason makes it a JOKE!

Let me know your thoughts in comments

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Feel Free To Leave A Comment If Our Article has Helped You, Support Us By Making A Small Contribution, Thank You!