WordPress Directory Listing : The Story of Cloakfusion Bug

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The Story

So this is a story of a very minor bug which most webmasters forgot to patch this is about the directory listing vulnerability in the WordPrets and they think that they patched it.

But still the danger exists there are three folders in the WordPress main directory they are
  • wp-admin
  • wp-content
  • wp-includes
what they actually do they only deny the access to these three directory but they forget that these directory also contains some other folders so to secure the website they should have to revoke the access to all of the folders of these three folders.

The Bug

The bug exists here
during browsing www.cloakfusion.com i found that it is a WordPress based website to first I tried some simple things like accessing the readme.html file but it was protected and the three directory is protected as well but after that I browsed the folder which are inside these three folders
Then I tried

and yes I can browse it 
I also tried 

and it was also not protected
here are the screenshots of both

So this has to be patched by modifying the .htaccess file and deny the access to these folders

So tuned more is coming soon

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Jitendra Santram Singh (Team Computer Korner ) 

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